Darth Vader - Sith Apprentice 12 inches Figure

Sideshow Collectibles [6582]

12-inch Darth Vader - Sith Apprentice figure.

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12-inch Darth Vader - Sith Apprentice figure.
Sideshow presents its new serie of 12 inch figure with this Authentic likeness of Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker from Episode III: 'Revenge of the Sith'. This version reveals a pale skin Anakin with fiery Sith eyes, becoming Darth Vader.
Including Authentic Costumes and Accessories: Grey tunic, Black jumpsuit, Boots, Lightsaber hilt, Lightsaber hook, Multiple interchangeable hands, etc.
Product Size: 12''.
Artist: Andy Bergholtz

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